High-Pressure Pasteurization

Give Consumers Pure, Consistent, Fast, and Reliable Experiences

High-Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) is a cornerstone of the food industry, removing pathogens and organisms that cause spoilage.

Those same principles work in the cannabis industry with NanoCann’s technology. You can use our homogenizers to purify cannabis down to the molecular level.

Purer products provide better consumer experiences.

Cannabis consumers often prefer to purchase organic and preservative-free products. They want to spend their dollars on clean and natural goods without impurities.

High-Pressure Pasteurization answers the demands of those consumers while also serving to protect color and flavor, extend shelf life, and improve texture. Microbial inactivation is achieved as cannabis products experience high pressure.

Our non-thermal process retains cannabinoids, thereby ensuring you never sacrifice product quality.

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Here are some benefits of High-Pressure Pasteurization from NanoCann:

  • Superior color and flavor retention
  • Dramatically improved shelf life
  • Enhanced textures and flavors
  • Supports the growing demand for organic and preservative-free products
  • Preserves precious cannabis plant compounds

NanoCann’s High-Pressure Pasteurization technology provides a continuous product stream, avoiding bulky and expensive pressure vessels or tanks used in batch processes.