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High-Pressure Homogenizers

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Consistency and Stability

Consistency and stability should be your primary concerns if you’re a cannabis edibles manufacturer or testing laboratory.

Products derived from stable emulsions offer unparalleled uniformity—and as cannabis professionals know, consumers crave consistency. They demand it with their dollars.

NanoCann High-Pressure Homogenizers add significant value, enhanced (and consistent) product quality, and a serious competitive edge to your products and business.

Cannabis products manufactured with High-Pressure Homogenizers from NanoCann feature:

  • Smooth mouthfeel
  • High-gloss finish
  • Uniform emulsions
  • Improved water bonding
  • Reduced need for additives
  • Enhanced color

The cannabis industry is unique. Each manufacturer has specific needs, depending on its operation size, target consumers, and homogenization purpose.

No matter where you are in the cannabis industry, we have the High-Pressure Homogenizer to match your end goal.

Challenges we solve:

  • We homogenize difficult-to-mix products like oil and water for consistency and stability.
  • NanoCann homogenizers can help you adhere to stringent requirements like particle size (not too big, not too small, just right).
  • We can improve your products’ stability leading to an extended shelf-life.
  • Cannabis products often include low-PH ingredients like lemon to mask the plant’s taste which can be hard on machinery. But with NanoCann, that isn’t an issue since our proprietary coating withstands low-PH.
  • We can eliminate costly pre-processing equipment, cleaning, and setup time.
  • Our proprietary degassing technology doesn’t add gas to products during mixing, saving your equipment from degradation.
  • Today’s cannabis customers want reliable, consistent products, NanoCann homogenizers improve consistency with every batch.

There’s no better way to achieve optimal particle size reduction and consistent results than NanoCann homogenization.

Give your consumers the reliable and consistent cannabis products they demand.

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