Particle Size Reduction

Give Consumers Pure, Consistent, Fast, and Reliable Experiences

Particle size reduction isn’t new. It’s been used for decades in many other industries. Still, like most aspects of cannabis product manufacturing, particle size reduction–and related technologies–are entirely new to the legalized cannabis industry.

Nevertheless, it’s an essential application that creates more successful emulsions and, in turn, a better overall product.

NanoCann Homogenizers radically reduce the size of cannabinoids and other essential plant compounds to create faster, more consistent consumer experiences.

The smaller and tighter the particles, the better.

When cannabis particles are reduced in size, cannabinoid efficacy increases exponentially and improves appearance and texture. In addition, it ensures the particles stay tightly packed, which also enhances your product’s effectiveness.

Not only does this contribute to a more reliable product, but it also translates to less time, energy, and money used during production.

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Our proprietary technology breaks particles apart to achieve unparalleled results.

Here are some of the benefits of particle size reduction from Nanocann:

  • Radically reduced cannabinoid molecules in fewer passes
  • Tighter distribution of smaller particles
    Enhanced manufacturing efficiency and reduced costs
  • A longer shelf life
  • Faster, more reliable consumer experiences