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Our Technology

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We purpose-build NanoCann High-Pressure Homogenizers to help cannabis brands and Universities reach the highest standards.

BEE International develops NanoCann’s High-Pressure Homogenizers. And “BEE” stands for Best Emulsifying Equipment.

Driven by our passion for innovation, each product encompasses the best mixing process to accomplish its objectives cost-effectively.

Our technology achieves superior results for a variety of applications. NanoCann systems incorporate effective solutions specifically designed for incorporating cannabis into products.

BEEI Technology:

  • Allows the product developer to apply a wide variety of mixing techniques quickly
  • Helps determine the cause-and-effect relationship between factors affecting a process and its results
  • Helps cannabis brands rapidly scale operations
  • Leads to new or improved product manufacturing processes
  • Amplifies profits and reduces costs

Better Results in Fewer Passes

NanoCann customers can fine-tune processes and achieve incredible—and highly potent—results in fewer passes.

In contrast, competing homogenizers often require up to three passes, increasing manufacturing costs and limiting product effectiveness.

Advanced Homogenizing Technology

NanoCann High-Pressure Homogenization technology from BEEi is a fluid mechanical process.

Cannabis product is pulled into a proprietary High-Pressure Intensifier System from the product inlet, then pumped out as a constant, high-velocity jet strong enough to cut metal.

This powerful jet enters the patented Emulsifying Cell (EC), where it’s applied to the product.

Unlike other mixers, which apply only one type of force to the product, the EC incorporates shear, cavitation, and impact to break down, mix, and blend. The result is a thoroughly mixed product with superior results—a pure, potent nanoemulsion that puts your product development team in a position for success.

NanoCann's Advantages

We’ve designed every NanoCann system to meet the cannabis industry’s unique needs, from benchtop to large-capacity research and development.

NanoCann Systems

Proprietary High-Pressure Homogenization for Superior Results

High-Pressure Homogenization is the most effective technology for particle size reduction and stable emulsions. Our systems offer many process options to ensure you efficiently achieve the results you and your customers want.

We'll work with you to help you determine the appropriate equipment and setup for your formulation needs. NanoCann systems produce a more consistent end product.

NanoCann Systems

Turbo-Mixing to Increase Capacity and Reduce Manufacturing Time

NanoCann's Turbo Homogenization uses proprietary mixing technology to reduce particles and dramatically increase capacity.

NanoCann Systems

Improved Pre-Mixing and Degassing to Reduce Part Replacement and Increase Efficiency

Premixing increases efficiency. But most cannabis product manufacturers use a low-performance mixer that adds time and complexity to the process.

NanoCann eliminates your low-performance pre-mixers and keeps you from having to clean another piece of equipment.

Degassing minimizes parts replacement by keeping foam and air out of the system (a common occurrence with low-quality mixers).

Our in-house studies show NanoCann avoids 43% of entrained gas compared to a shear mixer, and our protective coating against high PH ingredients drastically reduces parts replacement.

In addition, we design NanoCann systems to meet the FDA's requirements for sanitary pharmaceutical and food applications.