NanoCann Nano Series

Turn to NanoCann’s Most Cost-Effective Benchtop Solution for Extensive Cannabis Product Development and Small-Scale Brand Building

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NanoCann Nano

Considered to be the most versatile benchtop homogenizer on the market, the Nano Series combines a variety of mixing tools into one advanced instrument to create the most efficient and scalable process possible.

With several unique setups available, you can select the specific combination of mixing parameters as well as adjust their intensity.


NanoCann Nano Series features:

  • Process Pressure: Up to 45,000 PSI/3,100 Bar 
  • Flow Capacity: Options for up to 2 or 6 L/hr
  • Modular Emulsifying Cell (EC) is configurable with multiple flow patterns for various applications
  • Heat exchanger and ice bath options available
  • Unmatched experimentation options
  • Minimum sample size as low as 20 ml
  • 100% guaranteed scalability of results
  • Suitable for sanitary applications
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with no disassembly required
  • Full validation and documentation packages, CE compliant
  • 2-year factory warranty and lifetime student and employee training

Touchscreen PLC / HMI

        • Intuitive processing interface with menu-driven operating control
        • Automatic pressure control and stabilization
        • Digital “batch mode” – Set controls to operate for a specific volume or number of strokes
        • Customizable maintenance reminders and tracking information

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