NanoCann Mini Series

High-capacity R&D capabilities meet production quality, reliability, and efficiency!

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NanoCann Mini

Regarded as the perfect crossover between R&D and production scale, the Mini Series provides unparalleled formulation discovery and experimentation capabilities at increased flow capacities for direct scalability.

A leader in process technology, the Mini series has become a staple in the Cannabis industry for its reliability, versatility, low ownership cost, and direct path from R&D to production. 


NanoCann Mini Series features:

  • Operating pressure: Up to 45,000 PSI/3,100 bar 
  • Flow Capacity: Up to 15-20 L/hr
  • Modular Emulsifying Cell (EC) is customizable for optimizing efficiency while processing multiple different products
  • Dual heat exchanger design, for post-process product cooling as well as hydraulic oil cooling
  • Robust spare parts kit
  • Unmatched experimentation options
  • 100% guaranteed scalability of results
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with no disassembly required
  • PLC control with digital display for easy monitoring
  • Food and Pharma grade stainless steel construction
  • CE Compliant
  • Includes a 2-year factory warranty
  • Lifetime training for new employees and students

Additional options:

      • Feed pump systems
      • In-line preprocessing capabilities (Eliminate high shear mixing forever!)
      • Customized portable cart for easy mobility
      • EC extensions
      • Variable back pressure control – 0-5,000 PSI
      • Portable glycol chiller
      • Doc Packages including: IQ/OQ, COCs, SAT, and FAT
      • Electropolished product contact parts
      • Preventative maintenance programs

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