NanoCann 4000

Get the highest level of process control and automation from our top-of-the-line homogenizer

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NanoCann 4000

Designed specifically for large-capacity manufacturing, the NanoCann 4000 can be custom-built to accommodate specialty production requirements while delivering consistent results in mass volumes.

Guaranteed Scalability! Due to NanoCann’s modular design and linear technology, scaling up is made simple. Our engineers will work with you to ensure results are either replicated or improved upon during the scale-up process.


NanoCann 4000 features:

  • Operating Pressure: 5,000-45,000 psi
  • Flow Capacity: Model dependent ranging between 250-1000 L/hr
  • Modular Emulsifying Cell (EC) is customizable for optimizing efficiency while processing multiple different products
  • PLC control and digital monitoring with dynamic visual schematics
  • Automatic pressure stabilization and continuous flow
  • Multiple heat exchanger designs, for post-process product cooling as well as hydraulic oil cooling
  • Robust spare parts kit
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with no disassembly required
  • 100% guaranteed scalability of results from lab-scale units
  • Food and Pharma grade stainless steel construction
  • CE, CFR 21 Part 11, and SCADA compliant
  • Safety alarms and alerts
  • Programmable maintenance schedules
  • Includes a 2-year factory warranty

Additional options available:

  • Integrated feed pump systems
  • In-line preprocessing capabilities (Eliminate high shear mixing forever!)
  • Multi-pass automation
  • Multiple heat exchanger options
  • EC extensions
  • Variable back pressure control: 0-4,000 psi
  • Automatic Clean-In-Place (CIP)
  • Data gathering capabilities
  • Advanced digital temperature control
  • Doc Packages including: IQ/OQ, COCs, SAT, and FAT
  • Electropolished product contact parts
  • Preventative maintenance programs

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