About BEE International

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We’ve been a family-owned company in the High-Pressure Homogenizer business for over 30 years.

Manufacturing High-Pressure Homogenizers to expand emulsion capabilities, we serve the cannabis industry following the same standards that guide us in serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and food and beverage industries worldwide.

Our commitment to the process—and our belief in the value of family—drives us to give customers the attention they need and deserve. So we are there from the start of your operation and will be here beyond the two-year guaranteed warranty.

At each step, we provide innovative solutions and opportunities for success.

Our Values

  • We are Committed to Quality
  • We are Experts Dedicated to Problem Solving
  • We are Ambassadors for Our Technology
  • We are Aligned with Your Goals

Serving Brands, Manufacturers, and Universities in the advancement of an array of cannabis products, we present a can-do attitude that elevates our technology.

We do more than build machines—we develop human relationships.

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