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After decades in the shadows, cannabis has bloomed into a multi-billion-dollar industry. The crop now commands the spotlight in an ever-expanding marketplace crowded with cultivators, extractors, and recreational and medicinal dispensaries.

With demand at an all-time high, cannabis product manufacturers require the cutting-edge technology that other industries such as food and pharmaceuticals enjoy.

NanoCann represents an immense technological advancement for cannabis product developers from small-batch brands up to large-scale manufacturing enterprises.

NanoCann High-Pressure Homogenization

No matter the product they choose, cannabis consumers want consistency—they want to know what to expect with every dose.

NanoCann High-Pressure Homogenizers achieve stable emulsions of all liquid ingredients, solving a set of challenges faced by cannabis product developers. Nanocann homogenizers exceed expectations by:

  • Yielding desired mixing results specifically for your product
  • Producing faster-acting products
  • Standing up to low pH ingredients such as lemon
  • Achieving high-quality pre-mix - while saving manufacturing and cleaning time
  • Eliminating extraneous equipment
  • Lowering equipment costs
  • Avoiding gas infiltration during product mixing
  • Extend product shelf life

Why Nanoemulsions?

For edible consumers, nothing is worse than waiting 45 minutes to an hour to feel any effects of the cannabis product. Some consumers double their dosage because they aren’t sure if the edible is working. This can lead to a bad experience—and a bad experience with a product could lead to a consumer never buying that product again.

Nanoemulsions have been shown to speed up the onset time to as quick as 10 minutes, regulating the experience and giving consumers complete control over dosage and desired effects. With nanoemulsions, cannabis products become:

  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Forward-thinking
  • Diversified
  • Cost-Effective

NanoCann Homogenizers for Different Settings

This is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Product manufacturers and those in the R&D field have varying needs in the manufacturing facility or testing laboratory. Observing this need, we designed and deployed homogenizers for every setting:

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NanoCann Applications

Processing cannabis is a multi-layered process, with no shortage of technical requirements and scientific experimentation. NanoCann’s high-pressure homogenizers provide benefits for every manufacturing application along the way. These applications include:

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NanoCann Products

NanoCann: Pharmaceutical Standards Applied to Cannabis Products

NanoCann is the brainchild of BEE International, a manufacturer of high-pressure homogenizers serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, chemical, as well as food and beverage industries worldwide.

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